Cross-border documentation for freshwater pearl mussels

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The documentation centre located in the border triangle between Bavaria-Bohemia-Saxony has been in existence since September 2008. This Bavarian-Czech project aims to inform the population on both sides of the national border about the special creatures in their rivers and provides a central point of contact. In this way, the documentation centre also acts as a link between the competence centre involved in the protection of the mussels and the public.

Initially, the main task was to collect the abundance of literature and information about this species threatened with extinction in a central location. On the basis of this vast pool of information, the exhibition and the flyer “Freshwater Pearl Mussel – Cross-border documentation” as well as this Internet site were then designed in conjunction with the small project promoted by the European Union via Euregio Egrensis.
The two towns Rehau and Hranice put themselves forward as project partners, since their joint community border is also the national border between Germany and the Czech Republic. This is also where one of several freshwater pearl rivers of the border triangle between Bavaria-Bohemia-Saxony is located. The freshwater pearl mussel stock has already been attracting the interest of scientists and local historians as well as authorities in both countries since the middle of the last century. This resulted in the first cross-border measures being introduced in the 80s to protect the freshwater pearl mussel in this region.

However, the freshwater pearl mussel Margaritifera margaritifera does not only cross the boundaries with its appearance in the rivers of the border triangle and its threatening extinction, but also due to having adapted its way of living to the natural low nutrient supply.
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